Malaspina Galleries c. 1920


the Gabriola Historical and Museum Society

The Gabriola Historical and Museum Society (GHMS) was founded on March 25, 1986.

The purposes of the Society are:

To promote, foster and develop the interests of the residents of Gabriola Island, its visitors and other institutions, in the island’s past, present and future cultural and natural history.

To tell the story of Gabriola Island through special exhibits, displays, lectures, presentations and tours.  This story includes the island’s geology, geography, flora, fauna, and marine environment, as well as the island’s history, emphasizing the way in which Indigenous people, European explorers, post-contact settlers and recent inhabitants have related to its natural setting and earlier history.

To acquire by any legal means, donations or purchases of land, artifacts or other items that will serve the Society’s interests and purposes.

Mandate, Values and Mission

The Gabriola Historical and Museum Society developed a strategic plan which includes:

Our mandate

Telling Island Stories


Our values:

  • We are keepers of place and identity and together in Truth and Reconciliation.
  • We share stories of this place and its people.
  • We build culture and community connections.
  • We are a place to gather and to feel part of our community.

Our Mission

  • To share stories of this place and its people
  • To build culture and community connections
  • To walk together in Truth and Reconciliation
  • To provide community space to gather and
  • To provide stewardship for the Millstone Reserve covenant and the McRae Conservation Covenant

Board of Directors and Staff


Joan Merrifield, President


Chris Campbell
Liz Ciocea
Janet Stobbs, Archivist


Laura Baldamus,
Museum Manager


The Standing Committees support the Museum’s exhibits, events and programs.
All committees include members of the Board of Directors and volunteer members.

Acquisitions and Collections

Acquires, organizes and builds the Museum’s collections of documents and artifacts, acquires information relevant to Gabriola and responds to genealogical and archival requests from the public and researchers.

Education / Programs

Plans and organizes educational programs, public events and presentations, and coordinates tours, school visits and workshops.


Plans and organizes annual events such as Opening Day for the Museum and National Indigenous Peoples Day.


Designs, prepares and produces Museum exhibits. This hands-on group rolls up its sleeves and indulges its creativity to bring Gabriola’s history alive.


Uses various strategies to increase revenues for the Museum.  Activities include holding raffles, organizing special events and preparing and submitting grant applications.

History and Presentations

Plans and organizes presentations for the public, writes research articles and books for publication, pursues projects of historic interest and assists the Archivist and other Committees as necessary.


Maintains the interior and exterior of the building and the grounds, including cleaning, painting, landscaping and repairing the Museum as needed.

Truth and Reconciliation

Fosters education and cultural awareness of the rich thousands of years of Indigenous history through the Museum’s Indigenous collection of artifacts, history and exhibits as well as through presentations, workshops and other events. The Committee considers the effects of colonization on Indigenous/Canadian relations over the past 200 years.