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Frequently Asked Questions

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FAQ: What is a Conservation Land Covenant?

“A typical conservation covenant is restrictive in nature—that is, it prevents the landowner from doing certain things with the land. For example, the terms of a conservation covenant may prohibit the owner from cutting down trees, altering or damming a watercourse, removing plants, and so on… A conservation covenant “runs with the land”. This means that the covenant document is registered on the title to the property and becomes a permanent attachment to the title. If the property changes hands the covenant remains in force.” (

FAQ: Will the Museum create new trails and develop some areas of the McRae Property Covenant land?

The Gabriola Museum and Historical Society, as owner of the McRae Property Covenant, is responsible for maintaining the land as close as possible to its original condition when purchased. Trees or debris that fall on the current pathways can be cleared. Markers showing the boundaries of the property are planned.