“Since we announced our membership’s decision in the Sounder to purchase the McRae property a few weeks ago, we are well underway to paying off the mortgage, thanks to the completely overwhelming response from Gabriolans,” said museum board president, Joan Merrifield.

“It has been incredible. As of Friday, December 18th, we’ve already received just over $45,000 in donations. Donation receipts are on their way over the next few weeks.”

The property is now officially sold to the Gabriola Historical and Museum Society. If donations continue at this volume, Joan said that the museum is on track to reach or even exceed its first paydown target of $75,000 by April next year. “That puts us in a good position to pay the remaining balance of the total $300,000 mortgage outstanding over the coming year or so. We can’t thank everyone enough for their support. And this continued commitment is crucial.”