The Gabriola Museum Archives are located in the Gabriola Museum at 505 South Road, Gabriola Island and we are open to the public.

Artifacts are as varied as the residents of the island and include ferry tickets from the 1960s, a dainty china cup that was a treasured possession of an early settler, and a leather oxen yoke used by local farmers. Larger artifacts such as farm machinery and the dismantled foghorns from Entrance Island lighthouse are on display on the Museum grounds.

The Archives, maintained by a volunteer archivist, include:

  • Census records, 1880-1901
  • Voters’ lists
  • Pre-emptions records 1874-1880
  • Family records and genealogies
  • Personal Memoirs
  • Cemetery records
  • School records
  • Gabriola business and industrial records
  • Newspapers
  • Maps from late e1800’s
  • Photographs from the late 1800’s
  • Oral histories provided by early residents of Gabriola
  • Articles, documents, photos, contemporary accounts, family histories, theses, etc about the history of Gabriola can be found on the Society’s other web site Gabriola History -Resources and studies

A recent SOUNDER article, “For the Record: Archiving the Past in the Present” can be read HERE.

Donations of archival materials are most welcome. All documents and items donated to the Gabriola Museum Archives are available to the public subject to the BC Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act.


Those wishing to visit the Archives, or to donate material, should make an appointment with the Archivist at:

250-247-9987 or email