Wednesday, November 23, 2022
7:00 pm - 9:00 pm
Phoenix Auditorium at the Haven

A Gabriola Museum fundraiser

Doors open at 6:30 pm

The Gabriola Historical and Museum society will hold a screening of “In the name of Wild”, the screening will be a fundraiser for the Museum, with all ticket proceeds going toward the costs associated with the purchase of the McRae covenant lands. Books will also be available with with 40% of sales going to the Museum.

“In the name of wild” is a 2022 feature-length documentary film produced and directed by Gabriolans Phillip and April Vannini, as well as the name of the book the Vannini’s published this fall with UBC Press/On Point Press.

“In the name of wild” tells the story of a five-year journey across ten countries in search of the meanings of wild nature. The film and the book explore wildness in UNESCO World Heritage sites situated in Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Thailand, Italy, Iceland, Canada, Belize, Ecuador, and Argentina.

Throughout their journeys the filmmakers and authors—a family of three—meet local residents and learn what wildness means to them. Local inhabitants’ perspectives teach us what it means to co-exist with wild nature in its myriad forms and push us to reimagine the meanings of wild and the values underlying environmental conservation and heritage preservation. Inspired by a spirit of travel and adventure, and informed by environmental and cultural studies, “In the name of wild” balances a genuine love of nature with an decolonized understanding of its interconnectedness with culture.

Told from the unique point of view of a family travelling together, “In the name of wild” is an intimate portrait of people who live, work, enjoy, protect, and manage beautiful protected areas around the planet. Both the film and book, the Vanninis say, “force us to confront the colonial legacy of the idea of wilderness and to re-evaluate the relations between natural and cultural heritage.”

By donation at the door.