Although the Timber Frame structure were donated by the Island School of Building Arts and much of the construction labour was in-kind, we encountered some unforeseen costs resulting from pandemic delays and cost increases combined with additional engineering requirements by the RDN. We now have a structure built to withstand the biggest of all earthquakes and hurricane winds, and likely to last longer than the pyramids of Egypt!

But all this added close to $50,000 in extra costs, and although we’ve made progress over the past year with working on the building and managing the debt we’re not finished yet. Furthermore, the process of dealing with this has created budgeting stresses. We have plans in place to address these issues going forward, but we are subject to restrictions and need more funding to implement them.

In the meantime, the Timber Frame building needs to be finished so it can be made available for public rentals. The final push will include things like electrical work, an extension of our accessible walkway up the old driveway and sound barrier landscaping. We’re hoping you can help with finishing up this wonderful community resource by making a donation.