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Snuneymuxw First Nation

Snuneymuxw Elder Geraldine Manson (C’tasi:a) is presented with her 2019 Islands Trust Community Stewardship Award by Gabriola Islands Trustee, Scott Colbourne, for her continued work over the past nineteen years working as a volunteer with the Gabriola Historical and Museum Society (GHMS) and her knowledge holding and sharing.
Photo credit: Steve Struthers, 2022

The Museum strives to work with Indigenous ways by connecting, relating and supporting others in the community as the Museum continues on its Truth and Reconciliation journey.

First Nation

For some years now, the Museum has worked with several Snuneymuxw First Nations Elders on various projects, exhibits and events and is continuing to actively work to strengthen their relationship with the SFN Council and support their resurgence as a Nation.

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Geraldine Manson, C’tasi:a

A respected Snuneymuxw Elder and Traditional Knowledge Keeper, C’Tasi:a has worked with the Gabriola Historical and Museum Society for over 23 years. Her work includes the following:

  • as a Knowledge Holder and spiritual guide on the Museum’s Truth and Reconciliation initiatives,
  • collaborating on indoor and outdoor exhibits,
  • providing tours onsite,
  • teaching about the importance of petroglyphs,
  • offering teachings from the Ancestors including the importance and sacred significance of the Ancestors and sites,
  • offering Welcome ceremonies and ritual (to the traditional, unceded territory of Snuneymuxw) for museum events including drumming and song,
  • giving workshops on selected topics including Snuneymuxw protocols,
  • and giving historical and cultural talks including on the impact of residential schools.

In addition to her work on behalf of the museum and Gabriola Island, C’Tasi:a is a Vancouver Island University Elder-in-Residence, where she provides support to faculty members and First Nations students; assists with the understanding of First Nations practices in relation to traditional health and healing; provides guidance, blessings, and protocol for ceremonial and cultural events; and hosts guests and visiting Elders.

Monday, June 20, 2022
3:30 pm

Snuneymuxw History Written in Places and Spaces: Ancestor’s Voices—An Echo in Time

The Gabriola Historical and Museum Society in partnership with New Society Press and the Snuneymuxw First Nation invite you to celebrate the book launch of

Snuneymuxw History Written in Places and Spaces: Ancestor’s Voices—An Echo in Time by C’tasi:a/Geraldine Manson, Elder and Knowledge Keeper

Join us for fry bread and salmon!
at the Museum

June 20, 2022 book launch of Snuneymuxw Elder Geraldine Manson (C’tasi:a)’s newly published book Snuneymuxw History Written in Places and Spaces: Ancestor’s Voice – An Echo in Time at GHMS. From left to right: Elder Lorna Johnny, Elder & Knowledge Keeper Geraldine Manson, Knowledge Keeper Dave Bodaly.
Photo Credit: Steve Struthers, 2022
Museum President Joan Merrifield, C’Tasi:a (Geraldine Manson), and Museum Truth & Reconciliation Chair Gloria Filax, June 20, 2022 book launch.
Photo Credit: Steve Struthers, 2022