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School and Summer Programs

Fun and Informative programs for kids and adults

School Programs at the Gabriola Museum

Since 2017, the Museum has been offering School Programs from Kindergarten to Grade Seven in response to the needs and interests of Gabriola Elementary School. Our School Programs meet BC Curriculum standards and feature small learning groups, hands-on activities and pre and post activities for teachers.

The programs invite students to travel through time and explore the natural and cultural history of Gabriola.

Primary students focus on artifacts and how they have the power to tell island stories; multi-age students explore Gabriola’s historical timeline for a better perspective of the Snuneymuxw, settler, industry and current cultures of Gabriola.  Grade 6/7 students look specifically at geology and geographical features of the island.

Current School Programs

Introduction to the Gabriola Museum

(all grades)

Students learn what a museum is and appropriate behaviours expected in that setting.

They freely explore indoor exhibits and are led on a guided exploration outside.

Artifacts Tell Stories

(all grades)

Students are divided into three groups to rotate through three stations. Using their skills of observation, students see a Museum artifact and are asked to focus on three questions:

  1. What do you see?
  2. What do you think the object was used for?
  3. If you could ask the object a question, what would you ask? What would you like to know?


(Grades K – 2)  Offered in the Spring

Students learn about early farming practices on Gabriola.

They learn about sheep farming and the history of an island family farm. They also examine old photos and interesting farming artifacts.


(Grades 3 and 4)

“The cedar basket is a visible reminder of our peoples’ relationship with the land and all living things” (Susalweh/Elder William White, Snuneymuxw and Cowichan)

Focusing on the cedar baskets in the Museum collection, students learn about the importance of cedar to local First Nations people and are introduced to the art of weaving and basketry.

Early Gabriola Industries

(Grades 4 to 7)

Much like other Gulf Islands, post-contact Gabriola had settlements and summer tourists. Gabriola is unique, however, in that there were also local industries. Using artifacts and historic photographs, students gain insight into three of Gabriola’s early industries:  logging, the millstone quarries and the brickyard.


Glimpses of Gabriola’s Past and Present

(Grades 5, 6, 7)

Students gain insight into Gabriola’s history by constructing a Timeline using photographs and artifacts.

Rocks Tell A Story

(Grades 5 to 7)

Students are introduced to the concepts of basic geology. The program includes one session at the school and one session at the Museum. Students learn about the properties of rocks, the rock cycle, fossils and the geological history of Gabriola.

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Summer Programs at the Gabriola Museum

Fun and informative summer programs are offered at the museum every summer! 

Our annual summer students organize hands-on educational events for children (accompanied by an adult), whole families and adults.

These programs are connected to the Museum’s exhibits that feature cultural and natural history.

Summer Program Examples

Beach Quest: Learn about intertidal life!

Native Plant Workshop

Cedar Trees and Cedar Basket Weaving

Tie-dye and Hippie Stories

Walk on the Wild Side: Animals of Gabriola

Stay tuned for fun and informative Summer Programs for everyone by checking the website and watching local advertising.
Proceeds from these programs help support the Museum.