Native Plant Garden

Our Native Plant Garden is currently undergoing extensive revitalization. In partnership with VIU students we are developing plans for new landscaping, and re-furbishing our existing plants. The 3-year plan includes new wheelchair accessible walkways, signs, irrigation, and educational brochures. Visit this page to see our progress.

 Work bees are being scheduled throughout the year, and volunteers are welcome. Contact the museum  (also see header bar), if you would like to help.

Oregon Grape Holly

The Museum’s original  Native Plant Garden was started in the 1990’s under the direction of Phyllis Fafard. The following description was published on our former website:

Many plants recognized and named by First Nations groups were harvested and used for food, medicine or traditional technology. The grounds of the Gabriola Museum include 52 different species of plants native to the Island. Labels accompany the plants, providing their names in English and Latin. The succession of blooming times and subtle variety of flowers, fruit and foliage offers interest throughout the year, perfect for a stroll in any season. For more information on the Museum’s Flora display see Native Plants, part 1 and Native Plants, part 2 from the pre-2009 Museum web site.

Red Flowering Currant