Outdoor Exhibits

Our Outdoor Exhibits include large artifacts from Gabriola’s industrial past such as a logging arch, millstones, and Lighthouse fog horns.  Selected artifacts from the archived Brickyard exhibit, and  a photographic line-up of former Gabriola Ferries are also featured. For the Museum’s 20th Anniversary, new exhibit signage has been added, and a site map is planned for the future.

This page features our new sign posters, illustrated with pictures of the artifacts

Fog Horns: Artifacts from Entrance Island Lighthouse

Millstone and Saw: Used in pulp and paper mills during the 1930s

Poster with historical context of Gabriola Museum Logging Arch
Gabriola Millstones

Logging Arch: Common in the 1940s and 1950s, logging arches were used to skid logs in selective logging on Gabriola

Gabriola Ferries

poster of first Gabriola ferry
Poster of the Eena, second Gabriola ferry
Poster of the Kulleet, 3rd ferry for Gabriola
Poster of #4 Gabriola ferry, Quinitsa
Gabriola Museum Poster of the Quinsam, current Gabriola ferry