Malaspina Galleries c. 1920

Law Family, Silva Bay c. 1910

Settler Families

of Gabriola Island

Settler Family Histories

Rollo Family

James arrived Gabriola Island, near Nanaimo, British Columbia about 1875. Was able to read. Had a scraggily beard and did not mix much with people.

Robert Burrell

one story about him is tantalizing not only in what it tells, but also in what it omits….


He and his neighbour, Alexander Hoggan, began a six year dispute over who owned the land on which John Canessa had built.


A farmer, builder and Foreman of the Roads, he was charitable, a good dancer, and a good friend.

Dombrain Family

pre-empted 100 acres at the northwest end of Gabriola on March 26th, 1870.

Flewett Family

They were the only European inhabitants of DeCourcey Island, southwest of Gabriola.

Robert Gray

One of the first keepers of the Entrance Island lighthouse, which began operating in 1876.

Martin Family

Jonathan was a noted man in the community for years. The NFP noted him singing at the silver wedding of the Shaws in 1886.

LeBoeuf Family

The LeBoeufs were among the earliest pioneers on Gabriola Island.

McGuffie Family

`It was announced in last evening’s Free Press that an Indian had discovered the body of a white man on the beach on Gabriola Island.’

James and Catherine McLay

Settled on Gabriola Island by 1874, where they grew produce for the Nanaimo market, according to “scientific principles”.

Robert Stubbin(g)s

The following letter received by Chief Constable Stewart from R. Stubbings of Lasqueti Island, indicates that Ignatio Millan, generally known as Miller the Chilanian, has lost his life.