Eileen is yet another wonderful events volunteer! She lives on the island full time, and while she is now happily settled, her journey to Gabriola was interesting to say the least. She first began her search for a Gulf Island home on Salt Spring Island, but after failing to find a place there, she decided to follow her son to beautiful Gabriola Island. At first, it was hard for her to find a home on the island. While she did find a home she loved, it was sadly out-of-budget. It all turned out well in the end, though, as the property never sold and so Eileen was able to buy it for a lower cost at a later date.

By the time Eileen had actually moved to the island, the pandemic had hit, and soon after that, the nation-wide shut down of 2020 had begun. Although she’d been planning her move to the Gulf Islands for years, she never expected to be starting her Gabriola life against the backdrop of the Covid-19 pandemic. With few connections to the island, her social interactions consisted of visits to local establishments like the Gabriola Museum. She quickly grew to enjoy the Museum’s gift shop, and found it to be a great place to shop for gifts. While she regularly supports the Museum with her shopping, she also helps out at various events such as National Indigenous Peoples Day (NIPD) and Canada Day.

Eileen volunteers at the Museum because she believes in the importance of Museums and their ability to open a window into the past. For Gabriola in particular, she believes that the Museum provides us with an early look at the relationships between the many different people who have lived here over time. She believes that it is important to be reminded of the different cultures and ideologies of the people who lived here before us. Preventing us from getting locked into a single-minded view of what’s going on for us in this moment only. She has found everyone at the Museum to be very gracious and friendly and has loved having the opportunity to meet people through her volunteer work. She’s been quite impressed by both the organization and the orchestration of the Museum and looks forward to seeing it flourish.
Thank you Eileen!